Plastic Storage Solutions

Plastic Heavy Duty Offal Bins 

800L - 1400L, Rotatable with Galv steel fork insert, Load bearing box section top rim, Continuous nesting rim, 5 Lid options, Mould in identification - company name and logo, FDA food grade approval, 65mm Bung. more info

Steel Frame Hide Bins 

1000L-1150L capacity, Fully Galvanised Steel Frame, Tough plastic Liner, FDA Approval, Nestable, mould in graphics identification, Flat & Ribbed floor options, 3 Frame options, Fully enclosed or Hand truck compatable fork pockets,65mm drain bung option. Download brochure 


Single & Twin skin Lids, Tough polyethylene plastic, Lids fit all Bins, Mould in graphics, FDA Approval, Stackable Flush Edge Rebated lid options, Roll over edge options, Stackable with Steel Reinforcing, Sealable and lockable. download brochure

Plastic Offal & Pet Food BINS - food & industrial use.

Plastic rotatable bulk bins - FDA approval for pet food processing, fish & meat, by products, tanneries skins, pelts, hides & industrial waste. Endures forklift punishment and rough treatment with load bearing top rim. Double stacking, Nesting & fork rotatable.

1000L+ Offal Bins  download brochure

Steel Framed Hide Bin-1000L download brochure

Composite galvanized steel and plastic rotatable bins - endures forklift punishment 

Steel Frame Hide Bin-1150L download brochure

Composite galvanized steel and plastic rotatable bins - endures forklift punishment.

Forklift Stacker, De-nester download brochure

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Plast-ax Bulk Processing Bins

Plast-ax is one of New Zealand’s most advanced plastic manufacturing and moulding businesses which uses unique techniques and procedures to provide large containment solutions in plastic bins & box pallets over a wide range of industry sectors.